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For over a decade I have been dedicated to helping and empowering committed individuals do what it takes to have a ‘Great Attitude' be a ‘Great Leader' be their 'Best' continuously do their ‘Best Work’and achieve their ‘Desired Results’.

If you're not already doing excellent by yourself, you are not alone. Research has proven that coaching can have a deep and lasting impact on your life and those who use a coach find they enhance their capabilities and achieve a lot more in a shorter space of time.

I have had success in combining my passion for helping people be their best, do their best work and be a great leader. I do this by using a practical coaching approach and only carefully tested and selected transformational tools and processes that have a positive impact and get results.

To ensure my clients successfully utilize and receive significant benefit from coaching I only work with a limited number of people. I take the necessary time and steps required to tailor a service that aligns with their specific and individual needs.

Working with me is enjoyable, comfortable and rewarding, but I want you to decide that for yourself. If you would like to know more about what I can do for you or you have any questions you would like answered click on the button below and schedule a FREE 15 minute appointment.

You do not need your T’s crossed, I’s dotted, THIS and THAT in order, all your ducks in a row for Sue Wyatt Coaching to help you – simply come as you are and we start from there.

As your coach I would provide a trusted and safe environment for you to receive profound knowledge, understand yourself and others better, discuss your ideas, concerns, gain insight, receive feedback, create a compelling goal or define a desired change, create a vision, collaboratively create a viable plan that outwits resistance and much more.

Raise your Standards to Live a Life you Love

The quality of all your relationships, experiences and outcomes are in direct proportion to the level your ‘Standard Bar’ is set! If you don’t expect much, and you don’t give much you definitely won’t get much it’s that simple. You don’t get what you deserve you get exactly what you settle for!  Your standards speak […]


To be truly happy you need success to touch all the areas of your life and the great thing is you get to decide what success looks like, smells like and feels like! Most successful people were not born with success habits or learnt them in school. Just as people train to become a teacher, […]

‘HABIT’ Your Way to ‘Living the Life you Love’

Research has revealed from the time we get out of bed in the morning until the time we retire at night 96 – 98 percent of our behaviors are ‘automatic habits’ that are performed with very little conscious thought! Even you’re thinking and beliefs are ‘automatic habits’. These habits determine how well all the areas […]